Everything we do revolves around people

Dear Reader,

Thank you for taking the time to read about Aspira. This might be the most important page for you to read, as it puts the words on the previous pages to the test.

If you are to entrust an advisor with the task of creating business-critical changes, it is fair and human to ensure that the person has the necessary knowledge and experience without being bound by conformity and traditional thinking.

This is why Aspira is about people

No strategy, development, change, implementation, or sales without motivated people with the right skills. More importantly, people with the will and ability to change to improve. They are motivated because they understand the goal and know how best to contribute. It sounds obvious, but it is critically important.

Theory is good. Practice is good. The combination is unbeatable.

Since 2007, I have helped leaders and companies create positive changes around them. The theoretical experience comes from CBS. The practical experience comes from leadership roles with personnel responsibility. From leadership with responsibility for development, motivation, and the bottom line.

This is why you should collaborate with Aspira

Aspira has experience with client collaboration across many industries. With large and small companies. Start-ups or well-established, especially within IT/software and technology, medical, and consulting. This means that whether you need to challenge, formulate, or execute a strategy, Aspira can be a valuable partner for you, your organization, or your company. 

Partnerships with specialists with the right skills

I am Aspira, but Aspira is not just me. I can also offer a partnership of collaborating specialists with the skills that larger projects may require. We know that successful companies must develop continuously – and we can help you drive development and change.

Let’s meet

Nothing is more important than discussing the plans, visions, wishes, or challenges you or your company have. Start with a non-binding meeting. The first one is free – the next is definitely worth the money. Write to me at btw@aspira.dk or call me at +45 20 42 45 19.

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