Create Positive and Robust Changes

The need to create changes can stem from many factors, and change can come in many forms. Regardless of the change you want to create for your organization, there are some common traits and success parameters you need to understand to influence your organization towards achieving specific goals.

Change and Anchoring

These are two sides of the same coin. No change can exist without anchoring. Change must be anchored in the company culture and community. The other sides of the coin involve recognizing the necessity of change and creating a guiding coalition within the company. Then you are ready to begin.

Think People Into Your Change

In the midst of all the excitement and enthusiasm, it’s easy to forget the people who will live with the change afterwards. Therefore, remember that successful change is designed by and for the people who are the anchoring. Involve your organization early and honestly, as they often have and are the key to the optimal solution for the change in your company.

The Power of Vision and the Weight of Communication

The importance of vision in a change process cannot be overstated. Work with visions and ideas, and don’t let obstacles block a new vision. And make sure that the vision for change, strategy, goals, and especially implementation is communicated clearly and unambiguously, so everyone understands "the purpose and goal of the journey."

Be Brave

Preparation is good, but don't think you need to be prepared for everything before starting the change. You also don’t need to be an expert or be able to envision the change and how it will be anchored. Be brave and curious. Set visions about the goals and value of change without knowing the path to the solution. Then let your organization work with the change.

Business Anchoring

Just as strategy is often associated with results over time, successful change (also) depends on short-term gains. This may sound strange but is quite logical. We all need to see the positive and robust effect of the change—and quickly. It strengthens the belief in the value of the change and benefits the business.

Here Aspira Makes a Difference

Imagine if you could build a culture where adaptation and change are part of your DNA. Where your organization has a mantra of "we’ve never tried that before, so we probably can." Then you, your organization, and your company are ready to face almost any change in the future.

And Aspira Can Help You With That

Understanding how secure or insecure your organization is. Helping you choose the building blocks you need for successful change. Whether the changes involve transforming your organization, creating motivation, or strengthening employees' skills, Aspira is ready to create positive and robust changes—in collaboration with you.