The Classic Leadership Role is Changing

The classic leadership role is changing – not in all aspects, but the role is shifting as the world evolves. As a leader, you act as a role model and are expected to have an opinion and represent your company in an increasing number of new areas, such as the entire sustainability agenda, Diversity & Inclusion, and new leadership and organizational forms.

Aspira Ledertræning

The Purpose of Leadership Training

The leadership role is constantly evolving, requiring the prioritization of the leadership role and awareness of acting as a role model now and in the future. Concrete tools for exercising and creating leadership, clearly defined frameworks for leadership, and new trends in strategic leadership in a changing world are increasingly important.

Benefits for You

You will be equipped to take on the future leadership role, create followership, and assume the leadership role. You will be able to create direction and framework for your leadership, strengthen and expand your leadership skills as an individual leader. You will be taught to apply both classic and the latest leadership methods in your daily life and gain an understanding of the future labour market.

Benefits for Your Company

As a company, you will get a leader with concrete and applicable hands-on leadership tools, ready to take on the future leadership role while being equipped with an individual leadership strengthening process. In other words, a leader who can act as a role model, motivate, create followership, and have an eye for the future labour market.

Target Audience

You may have been in your leadership role for some time but need fundamental theory, effective concrete leadership tools and training, and a desire to strengthen your personal leadership. You probably also lack new inspiration as a leader.

Experience-wise, you likely have some leadership experience but can also have less experience, possibly coming from an informal leadership role.


Aspira offers leadership development courses for specific companies and open leadership development courses. See the individual courses for details. 

Aspira courses focus on hands-on training, concrete tools, and creating a solid foundation to support the company moving forward.