Leadership Training DTU Science Park 2024

Aspira is collaborating with DTU Science Park and has developed a tailor-made leadership training program specifically for the DTU Science Park community.

Dressing for the leadership role of the future

Leadership Training is for you who see yourself in the following way:

You have been in your leadership role for some time, but you need basic leadership theory and effective tools and training.

You probably have some leadership experience, but maybe just a little or you might just have embarked on your 1st leadership position or moved from a specialist role/informal leadership role.

Developing your leadership skills

The leadership role is constantly changing and it’s important to prioritize the leadership role now and in future as well as building and developing leadership skills in a safe forum.

Defining the framework of leadership, understanding new trends and being a role model – all these topics will be part of the leadership training in order for you to set directions and frame your own leadership style.

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If you have any questions, please get in touch.

Mail to Bettina at btw@aspira.dk
Call Bettina at +45 20 42 45 19